Visiting the Great Wall of China

I’ll tell you now, before I get into my post, that this post has a LOT of pictures. I hope you enjoy my journey along the top of the Great Wall Continue Reading →

Kuan Yin Shrine and the Legend of Miao Shan

The Kuan Yin Shrine has stood in a small Chinese community in Bangkok for almost 200 years. Before the current shrine, there were two other shrines on the site that were Continue Reading →

Army of the First Emperor Qin Presentation


Want to know what makes the Terracotta Warriors so fascinating? Is it their size? Their mass quantity? Or is it that they are so old? For my Art History class we had to pick an ancient work of art to create a presentation about why it is so important. Watch my video to see what it is that makes the Terracotta Warriors so special.

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