• The Terracotta Warriors

    In 246 BC, one of the greatest artistic endeavors in history was taking shape. Just north of the Lishan Mountain Range outside Xi’an, China, Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered the creation of a life-sized army complete with horses, artillery, weapons and provisions……all made out of clay. While the formal name for this group of impressive statuary is the Army of the First Emperor Qin, to most of the world, these are known as the Terracotta Warriors. Beginning in 246 BC, “more than 700,000 laborers worked on the project, which was halted in 209 B.C. amid uprisings a year after Qin’s death” (Roach). It is estimated that in those 37 years…

  • Army of the First Emperor Qin Presentation

    Want to know what makes the Terracotta Warriors so fascinating? Is it their size? Their mass quantity? Or is it that they are so old? For my Art History class we had to pick an ancient work of art to create a presentation about why it is so important. Watch my video to see what it is that makes the Terracotta Warriors so special.