• GUEST POST: Top 7 Heritage Hotels in India

    When selecting the perfect hotel for your stay in India, there are many places to choose from. If you prefer a more historic setting, heritage hotels are your best bet. Rohit Agarwal breaks down the top 7 heritage hotels from all around India to help travelers decide which will best meet their needs. #TBIN

  • Kaniakapupu Ruins

    Not far from the center of Honolulu lies the ruins known as Kaniakapupu (Singing of the Land Shells). Not much is known about the ruins or why the site was abandoned. Once the summer palace of King Kamehameha III and Queen Kalama, now all that’s left are broken walls and piles of stones. Further down in my post you can read all about what is known about this beautiful and sacred spot. But first, I have some bad news. ***Due to the recent vandalism of this sacred site, visitors are strictly prohibited. Anyone seen inside the watershed perimeter or attempting to enter the area will be arrested.*** When I visited the site, I’d been…

  • Wat Wora Chet Tha Ram is a 16th century Buddhist temple ruin in Ayutthaya, Thailand, used for royal funeral ceremonies.

    Wat Wora Chet Tha Ram

    Wat Wora Chet Tha Ram is one of the many temple ruins that dot Ayutthaya, the ancient seat of power in Thailand. This region was once a thriving metropolis at the heart of the Thai civilization, boasting over 1 million inhabitants in 1700. Traders and merchants from all over Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe came here to peddle their wares and broker trade agreements. But all of that came to an end in 1767. In 1767,King Tong-U of Burma invaded Ayutthaya and decimated the kingdom. Very few buildings were spared as they razed the capital. After the invasion Ayutthaya was all but abandoned and the few remaining…